RUST Killplayer Command

The RUST Killplayer Command

The RUST killplayer command, introduced to the game in the Instrument Update, gives admins and moderators the ability to kill a chosen player through the command console instantly. Until now, RUST admins have generally had to get creative with their bestowments of death to unwieldy players. With this new and easily memorizable command, admins no longer have to be creative, or for that matter, in-game, to kill offending players.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST killplayer command:

  • Immediately issue a death command to rule-breaking players as a warning
  • Use the command on modded servers to create a Russian-roulette game or death-zones
  • Reset players stuck in the underworld or geography
  • Set up Battlemetrics triggers to use the killplayer command

Who can enter the RUST killplayer command

The RUST killplayer command can be issued on vanilla RUST servers by admins and moderators only. Non-admin players cannot use the killplayer command to kill other players. However, there is a self-only kill command usable by regular players.

How to use the RUST killplayer command

Before initiating the killplayer command, ensure the following:

  • The target player must be online for the command to take effect. It does not work on sleepers.
  • The target player will see a death screen that says they’ve committed suicide; it doesn’t mention an Admin.
  • The target player’s corpse and loot will become available to all players once the command is issued.
  • There is no broadcast to the server that an administrator has issued the command.
  • There is no kick or ban component to this command, it’s purely a death command.

The RUST killplayer command can be issued from RCON platforms and the in-game console. Press the F1 key to open the in-game console and type in the specific killplayer command syntax listed below, then press enter.

RUST killplayer command

Use this command to kill individual players by their Steam profile name or Steam 64bit ID.

  • It works for only those players actively connected to the server; it is not a ban or kick.
  • This command will NOT broadcast the kill to the server.

Note that this RUST admin command does work from both the in-game console and RCON platforms.

killplayer “player_name_or_steamid”

On success the console will display:

John Doe [76561197970654325] was suicide by Suicide

On success the server chat will display:

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