The Javelin Trio Base Design (2020)

Introducing the Javelin, a Solo/Duo/Trio Base Design

The Javelin Trio RUST base design video was created by our partner Cosmonatic Films.

There is a long list of RUST base design videos that have taken advantage of using various bunker techniques, and the Javelin base design is the latest to join their ranks. Designed as a starter-to-main base, the Javelin can be quickly established at the beginning of a wipe or smack dab in the middle of one – it matters not. At the core of the base design, it utilizes a convenient roof stability bunker, allowing players to quickly secure their starting base without a laundry list of blueprints and makes it a little bit tougher of a base to break in.

Besides, the vast majority of this base’s angles are also protected by auto-turret pods. These auto-turrets can be accessed from inside the base, allowing for refilling ammunition and repairs. There is also a covered 360-degree shooting gallery located atop of the base and special amenities have been added, such as a minicopter landing pad and hangar with lights, a CCTV computer station, and more for convenience.

Let’s dig into the details of this simple, cheap, and effective base design.

The Javelin Base Design Features

  • Starter-to-Main Base Design
  • Single Tool Cupboard
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Internal Auto Turrets
  • External Auto Turrets with Full 360 Degrees Perimeter Coverage
  • Inclosed, 360-Degree Shooting Gallery
  • 360-Degree Roof Access & Sam Site
  • Mini Copter Landing Pad & Hangar
  • Ample Storage Space (24+ Large Boxes)
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Low Upkeep Cost

Base Deployables

  • 24 Large Boxes
  • 2 Vending Machines
  • 2 Small Boxes
  • 6 Furnaces
  • 6 Sleeping Bags
  • 1 Locker
  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 1 Tier 2 Workbench
  • 1 Tier 3 Workbench
  • ?? Shotgun Traps
  • 1 Sam Site
  • 6 Auto Turrets
  • 1 CCTV Computer Station
  • 2 Large Batteries
  • 10-20 Solar Panels
  • 20 Garage Doors
  • 2 Armored Doors
  • 2 Ladder Hatches
  • 11 Window Embrasures
  • 17 Reinforced Windows

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 215 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 10,500 +/-
  • Stone: 15,600 +/-
  • Wood: 7,000 +/-

With Deployables:

  • High-Quality Metal: 550 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 25,000 +/-
  • Stone: 17,000 +/-
  • Wood: 16,000 +/-
  • Gears: 64


  • High-Quality Metal: 45 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 3,400 +/-
  • Stone: 2,800 +/-
  • Wood: 150 +/-

Fortify Clipboard

Rustrician Clipboard

Raid Cost

The Javelin Trio Base Design will cost approximately 24 rockets to acquire the tool cupboard, and it’s main loot, within the ideal route and conditions. To access all loot rooms, it will cost approximately 30 rockets.

Without further ado, here’s The Javelin trio base design.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to the channel. Today I’ve got a nice solo duo trio base that can keep all you casual players comfortable for the whole wipe. But for the Chads out there, don’t you worry. I’m already working on a multi TC version that heavily modifies and expands upon this footprint’s simplicity. I’m also working on a new guide for compound gate houses, eternal TCs, and disconnectable TCs. You’re not going to want to miss those, so make sure you’re subscribed.


But with that being said, let me introduce you to today’s build, The Javelin. A simple low build cost and upkeep solo duo trio base that provides considerable strength for casuals, or moderately active players. It can be built from a starter, can be built in stages depending on your success, and provides loads of versatility to utilize spaces as you see fit throughout the wipe. It comes with a roof stability bunker, and auto turret pods that protect most angles outside the base. As well as a shooting floor / mini copter hangar, with landing pad.


This is the structure build cost, and total cost including deployables. This is the daily upkeep, and a deployables list. It’ll cost about a minimum of 24 rockets to reach the TC and main loot with the cheapest route and ideal conditions. Depending on how you utilize the split rooms for utility or storage, a full raid will be a minimum of 30+ rockets. This does not include the assumed use of external TCs, which would increase the total cost of grief.


For now, here’s a quick tour of the base. Coming up to the base, we’re greeted by an auto turret that helps protect against door campers. All auto turret pods are accessible from inside the base. Going through our airlock that’s protected by a shotgun trap, we enter the main living space. CCTV station to quickly check for players creeping outside.


As I said before, auto turret pods are accessible from inside the base. To the right is a quick loot drop off room. Split loot rooms in the other three corners. However, you can really utilize these rooms for whatever you like. Going up this ladder hatch will bring us up to the shooting floor / mini copter hangar, including a landing pad with lights for night time landings. Going down this ladder hatch we enter the core of the base where our TC and main loot is. The core is sealable with a roof stability bunker. Simply place a high quality metal roof when you log offline, and break the wooden foundation when you log online. Upkeep for over three days’ worth when fully stocked. Here’s how to build it.


Start by ensuring this footprint will fit the terrain you plan to build in. Build your starter unit. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to this design is that it is initially not very secure or spacious. Because of this, I recommend you either focus on gathering the initial resources to try and expedite the base to a more secure state, or consider living out of a separate throw away starter.


Once you acquire the resources for it, start expanding the front half of the base. Prioritize expanding towards the main entrance to establish a proper airlock. Hatchet this out later for roof access. Expand the second half of the base. Upgrade these walls to sheet metal, as you won’t have access to them past this point. Secure the rest of the floor. Once you see fit, finalize the first floor into a secure core. Until you find a ladder hatch, you can temporarily use twig stairs.


Establish walls and door frames to section off the living space. Utilize the square rooms as you see fit. Coming up in the video, I will show you the different kinds of room layouts you could use. Upgrade the door frames to sheet metal for the rooms you have seven large boxes in. Occupy the door frames as you acquire the doors for them. Close off the tier 2 in this triangle. Don’t forget to upgrade the floor underneath it to sheet metal. Before adding your last layer of honeycomb, upgrade these respective walls and foundations to sheet metal.


Once you desire roof access, remove this wooden floor and add a triangle ladder hatch. Build your auto turret pods as you see necessary. Build a basic shooting floor / mini copter hangar. You can really go crazy with this, so make it your own. Don’t forget to extend the floor for the landing pad. Upgrade the base from the core outward. Make sure before you close off the TC with a window frame that the foundation is upgraded to sheet metal.


Here’s my recommendations for the final furnishings. Upgrade the front doors to armoured. On the outside of the base, make these half height walls to build shelves for the corner loot rooms. You can outfit all four corners with seven large boxes each, or mix and match with furnaces, a utility room, a farm, a bedroom, or an electricity room. Tier 3 goes in front of the old tier 2.


Personally, I like utilizing two furnaces and a campfire in front of each loot room. You can stand on the furnaces to open the auto turret pods, and the campfires help maneuverability onto the loot room boxes. I also occupy these triangles with my two large batteries. These are the schematics for how to build the electrical systems, but you can also check the video description for a link to them. Near the front door, I put a CCTV station, fridge, and use these boxes for quickly dumping loot to get back to a fight fast.


In the core of the base, use two vending machines with an embrasure and reinforced window to make it 8 rockets to reach the TC. Three sleeping bags fit in front of them. Four auto turrets with MP5s protect almost all exterior angles outside the base. Two auto turrets protect the mini copter hangar. Optionally, you can put a stamp site on top of the base. Solar panels go next to it. Blue flashing lights are used on the landing pad for night time landings.


And that’s how you build The Javelin. It’s a pretty simple solo duo trio base, but I feel for its cost, it provides pretty good protection and features. I’m very excited to bring you guys that new guide hopefully pretty soon, but even more excited for this bases multi TC version. So make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss them. But that’s that. I hope you guys enjoyed the build. Consider subscribing for future content, and I’ll see you guys real soon. Thanks for watching.

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