RUST Jackhammer Guide

The RUST Jackhammer Guide

This RUST jackhammer guide video is brought to you by our partner Jfarr.

In this video, Jfarr walks us through:

  • How to acquire and use the jackhammer tool
  • Extra tips and tricks to using the tool
  • How best to repair the jackhammer
  • Other uses for jackhammers

The jackhammer itself cannot be crafted by players, but it can be purchased for 150 scrap at the outpost monument’s vending machines.

If you don’t have the scrap funds to purchase a jackhammer, you can also try your luck scavenging the red toolboxes found along the roadsides and the floating platforms found just off the coast.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Jfarr here.


The jackhammer is a somewhat new edition to Rust, and it allows you to mine ores faster than you have ever been able to before. This makes the jackhammer a vital tool to add to your tool belt. The jackhammer also has some hidden tricks which we’ll dive into soon. 


The jackhammer cannot be crafted but can be bought at the outpost for 150 scrap. Maybe when starting off this may seem like quite a bit of scrap, but after you get a base set up 150 scrap will be very easy to get, and it is definitely worth it for a jackhammer.


But if you can’t find 150 scrap, the jackhammer can also be found in toolboxes, which are located along the road and on the platforms near the ocean. But you will have to be very lucky since the jackhammer only has a 1% chance to be found in a toolbox. 


Using the Tool


When it comes to using a jackhammer, you can just go up to a rock and hold left click to quickly mine that ore. But doing this is not the most efficient way to mine ores with your jackhammer. Once you find an ore, what you want to do is tap hit the node like shooting a semi-auto gun.


By doing this, you will continuously act as if you are hitting the sparks on the node, overall saving the durability of the jackhammer. By doing this it might later save you time having to go out and get a new jackhammer, or repairing it because yours broke. 


When using the jackhammer on nodes, you get the same amount of resources as a metal pickaxe, which is 1000 stone for a stone node, 600 metal, and 2 high-quality metal from a metal node, and 300 sulfur from a sulfur node. 


Repairing the Tool


Repairing the jackhammer might seem straight forward, but as a matter of fact, it’s not what you expect. What you don’t want to do is go up to the repair bench and use resources to repair your jackhammer when it’s not fully broken. Instead, you want to go into your level one, level two, or level three workbench, and click on your jackhammer to see the refill option.


This will allow you to refill your jackhammer free of charge, and lose only a little bit of total durability. If you do get to the point at which the jackhammer is completely broken before you refill it, you will need to repair it at a repair bench. This will cost you one high-quality metal, and 30 metal frags, and lose 20% of its total durability. 


Other Uses


If you end up having an abundance of jackhammers, you can recycle them for 30 scrap, 3 metal blades, and have a 50% chance of getting a metal pipe as well. If you ever decide as well you need to renovate your stone house, or need to raid a stone house that has a soft sidewall facing you, you can use the jackhammer to quickly get inside the base since the jackhammer quickly destroys soft side stone walls.


But if you only have one jackhammer, use that jackhammer for gathering ores and stone nodes so you can quickly develop your base and get more and more resources. 


I really hope this video has helped you learn a bit more about the powerful tool which is the jackhammer. And if you enjoy this kind of content, please subscribe because I will be making more Rust tutorial videos in the future.


Anyway guys, thanks so much for watching, and I hope to see you in the next video. 

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