Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper is a container-type item in RUST that allows players to insert items and “wrap” them to create a Wrapped Gift. These items are exclusively available in-game during the Season’s Beatings! event each year. Admins may spawn them via the F1 console at any time of the year.

Once you have inserted any item into the wrapping paper, you can elect to wrap it. The wrapped item is then cloaked behind the wrapping. It may be unwrapped to retrieve the original contents or just look nice in your base. Items wrapped in this way maintain their ammo, durability, and stack size, making it super easy to send the perfect gift, like a stack of pure scrap tea or a fully modded weapon.

Wrapping paper may be acquired by opening Small Presents or looting shining Small Stockings.


Item Information
NameWrapping Paper
Short Namewrappingpaper
Item DescriptionUse this to conceal any item in a lazily wrapped gift
Default Stacksize1