Wood is a crucial building and crafting resource item in RUST and is acquired through several in-game means. It is a core resource due to players’ complete reliance on it for every stage of the game, as well as nearly every mechanic in the game.

One of the most important uses for wood is its utility as a fuel source from which all other things that require cooking or smelting are made. Production of refined materials from crude ore depends on wood as a fuel source and cannot take place without it. The scope of use in this category ranges from frying up some Raw Bear Meat on a Camp Fire to smelting your Sulfur Ore in a Large Furnace.  

Wood is also the foundation upon which all player-based structures are built (and later upgraded from) and is a component to make more permanent wooden structures such as the High External Wooden Walls. Foundation twigging requires wood, regardless if it is immediately upgraded to stone, metal, or high-quality metal. The building plan and hammer, which you need to create and upgrade building blocks, also rely on wood.

In addition to its direct building purpose, it is also absolutely essential to crafting Wooden Arrows and bows in the early game.

Ways to gather wood

Wood is nearly everywhere you go, in every biome in RUST. All trees will give you wood and stumps and logs that you can find on the ground. You can often recycle items you loot and don’t need into some wood. For a more detailed guide for acquiring wood from various sources, check out our guide to finding wood.

The most lucrative way to acquire wood aside from chopping down trees in the wild is through its purchase from Outpost rate of 20 Scrap per 1000 wood. Outpost also offers a currency exchange in the form of trading excess stone for wood at a rate of 150 stone getting you 500 wood. You can honestly never have enough wood in your boxes in Rust.


Craftable items that require Wood


High Velocity Arrow

Wooden Arrow

Bone Arrow

Fire Arrow

Wood Double Door

Wooden Door

High External Wooden Gate

Wooden Ladder

Legacy Wood Shelter

High External Wooden Wall

Shop Front

Wooden Window Bars

Wood Shutters

Watch Tower

Wood Armor Helmet

Wood Chestplate

Wood Armor Pants

Wooden Barricade Cover

Wooden Barricade

Barbed Wooden Barricade


Camp Fire



Stone Fireplace

Wooden Floor Spikes

Large Furnace


Hitch & Trough

Large Wood Box

Water Barrel


Mail Box

Small Oil Refinery

Large Planter Box

Small Planter Box

Pressure Pad

Powered Water Purifier

Water Pump

Reactive Target

Search Light

Secret Lab Chair

Landscape Picture Frame

Portrait Picture Frame

Tall Picture Frame

XL Picture Frame

XXL Picture Frame

Large Banner on pole

Double Sign Post

Single Sign Post

One Sided Town Sign Post

Two Sided Town Sign Post

Huge Wooden Sign

Large Wooden Sign

Medium Wooden Sign

Small Wooden Sign

Shotgun Trap


Sofa - Pattern

Survival Fish Trap


Workbench Level 1

Tool Cupboard

Tuna Can Lamp

Large Water Catcher

Small Water Catcher

Horizontal Weapon Rack

Frontier Bolts Single Item Rack

Weapon Rack Stand

Tall Weapon Rack

Wide Weapon Rack

Wind Turbine

Wood Storage Box

Shovel Bass

Junkyard Drum Kit

Acoustic Guitar

Jerry Can Guitar

Wheelbarrow Piano

Key Lock

New Year Gong

Wooden Frontier Bar Doors

Fish Trophy

Large Hunting Trophy

Small Hunting Trophy

Rail Road Planter

Rocking Chair

Storage Barrel Vertical

Storage Barrel Horizontal

Torch Holder

Wanted Poster

Chicken Costume

Cursed Cauldron


Skull Spikes

Skull Fire Pit

Spooky Speaker

Skull Trophy


Above Ground Pool

Beach Chair

Beach Table

Landscape Photo Frame

Large Photo Frame

Portrait Photo Frame

Hobo Barrel

Handmade Fishing Rod

Building Plan

Cockpit Vehicle Module

Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module

Flatbed Vehicle Module

Rear Seats Vehicle Module

Storage Vehicle Module

Taxi Vehicle Module

Camper Vehicle Module

Large Flatbed Vehicle Module

Fuel Tank Vehicle Module

Passenger Vehicle Module

Boom Box



Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle - ICE

Hunting Bow

Compound Bow


Eoka Pistol







Waterpipe Shotgun

Stone Hatchet

Stone Pickaxe


Garry's Mod Tool Gun


Wooden Spear

Wooden Horse Armor

Item Information
Short Namewood
Item DescriptionWood. Collected from trees and used in many crafting recipes. It's also needed to cook in camp-fires.
Default Stacksize1000