White Berry Seed

White Berry Seeds are a plantable item (spawnable via F1 console) that players can grow and then use as a berry at a Mixing Table. Facepunch added teas and farmable berries in the Mixing Table Update on August 6, 2020.

The White Berry Seed is a collectible item found by either consuming White Berries or by picking said berries from small White Berry bushes on the ground in grassy and heavily forested biomes.

White Berry Seeds can be grown in the ground, in Large Planter Boxes, or Small Planter Boxes and watered for a higher yield from berry bushes, providing more White Berries and White Berry Seeds when harvested.

The White Berries produced from harvesting the seed can then be used in the mixing table to produce a variety of Scrap Teas. While seemingly limited in the scope of use, these teas can double the amount of dropped scrap from barrels, making them a bonus buff to use if you’re grinding the road.

Once you produce several basic teas, you can combine 4 of the same type to create an advanced tea. Then you may make a pure tea by combining 4 of the advanced teas.

For more information on how to get food, check out our Food Guide!

For even more on tea creation, check out our Mixing Table guide!

Item Information
NameWhite Berry Seed
Short Nameseed.white.berry
Item DescriptionThese white berry seeds can be planted in the ground and grown to collect additional food. Planting these seeds in a planter, and then watering them with large quantities of water yields significantly more Corn and faster groth.
Default Stacksize50

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