Water is a plentiful resource in RUST, found in all rivers and assorted world water receptacles around the landscape, and is spawnable via the F1 console. Players may only ‘acquire’ this resource by using a water-retaining container while at the said water source. It can be gathered in containers like Water Jugs and Small Water Bottles.

Water is the source of all plant life grown by players. In addition to growing crops, it is also a necessity to keep your player alive in the form of the Thirst bar survival stat. When this bar reaches 0, the player may no longer run or move quickly and begins to take consistent damage. This is why players must secure a consistent and reliable water source and a method for gathering and carrying it.

Players must be careful when gathering water that they are collecting fresh water and not salt water. Salt water will further dehydrate the player and can be deadly in larger amounts.

For more information regarding water differentiation and the role that it plays within the crop-growing system, check out our extensive Farming guide.

Item Information
Short Namewater
Item DescriptionWater. Drinking it will alleviate your thirst.
Default Stacksize2147483647
Consumable Properties