Water Jug

The Water Jug is a container-type item primarily used for collecting, transporting, and storing water for self-hydration, and watering plants. Players can acquire water jugs in both the regular and underwater versions of the food crate and ration boxes. Water jugs may also be purchased from Bandit Camp directly for 5 Scrap.

Water Jugs are capable of holding up to 5000 ML of water at a time and may be refilled at rivers or Small and Large Water Catchers.

Water receptacle types, like the water jug, can be used for providing hydration and are also used in farming, for getting rid of radiation when moving through radiated monuments, and can also be used to clear away spray paint and decals.

Item Information
NameWater Jug
Short Namewaterjug
Item DescriptionA large jerry can for water.
Default Stacksize1