Vampire Stake

The Vampire Stake is a powerful melee and ranged weapon with a unique mystical power enabling it to dispatch any undead creature upon contact, such as those lurking within the Halloween Dungeons that come out of the mist during this time of year.

Introduced in the Halloween Update of 2023, it boasts damage surpassing that of a Combat Knife but at a rate faster than a Bone Knife. It’s like a hybrid of both combined, with a higher overall Flesh Gather Rate.

While the Vampire Stake will also damage the living, striking undead beings with it will instantly kill the creature at the cost of the stake. The stake breaks on impact, releasing a green/bluish hue from the core of the creature’s body, taking both items to the other side. Killing Scarecrows and Mummies with the Vampire Stake yields additional bonus loot as an added benefit in exchange for losing the weapon.

Stakes may only be obtained from the Small Loot Bags awarded from the Halloween Candy game or by killing creatures of the night roaming the landscapes or within the dungeon portals. They are awarded in stacks of 3-4, but only usable one at a time. They may also be thrown for the same damage and effect. Stakes may be recycled for 50 Wood each.

In addition to being an in-game item, it is directly spawnable as its own entity type by server administrators from the F1 Console. Despite its namesake, it will not immediately kill a player wearing the Dracula Mask or Dracula Cape.

Item Information
NameVampire Stake
Short Namevampire.stake
Item DescriptionA stake adorned with special properties making it able to release the soul of undead creatures with a single strike, as well as yield extra loot from their remains.
Default Stacksize1

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