Teal Rocking Chair

The Teal Rocking Chair is a furniture-type deployable in RUST that players can craft. Their primary purpose is to provide a comfort-yielding place to sit. Unlike the standard Chair, this furniture type has the added effect of rocking back and forth when players press their movement keys while seated. 

It is adorned in faded teal paint, chipped, and worn from years of use. Firing a gun while seated causes the player to rock back and forth in the chair.

How to get a Teal Rocking Chair

The Teal Rocking Chair is a DLC-exclusive blueprint that is available only to those who purchase the Base Decor Pack: Frontier from the RUST Item Store. It will appear in your crafting list after purchasing it.

  • It doesn’t appear on the tech tree
  • It doesn’t drop from crates or NPCs as loot
  • It does require a Workbench Level 1 to craft

How to use a Teal Rocking Chair

After crafting and deploying your fashionable new Teal Rocking Chair on any flat surface you have building privilege, players may mount it by facing it and pressing the E key.

While it’s not too challenging to acquire comfort with Stone Fireplaces, Rugs, and other players, it can be slightly more difficult for solo players or groups playing in confined spaces. A Teal Rocking Chair can be invaluable for quickly pushing a player up to 100% comfort in these instances.

Rocking Chairs have a tiny health pool and can be destroyed quickly with melee tools and faster with explosives. As such, they don’t make great blocks to place to counter raiders.

Other than comfort, players enjoy having chairs for roleplay purposes.

The Teal Rocking Chair is one of the few deployable items in RUST built and whole when ejected from your inventory. You can use this to invite people to sit on chairs that will vanish when players press the E key to sit.

Item Information
Short Namerockingchair.rockingchair2
Item Description
Default Stacksize5

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