The RUST Tarp falls into the component category of items. These components are used in the creation of multi-tiered items, as well as recycle fodder for players to obtain game building and crafting resources as well as Scrap.

The tarp is lootable from an assortment of low-to-mid-tier crates and barrels, as well as being dropped by tunnel and underwater dwellers. It may also be caught via the Handmade Fishing Rod.

Tarps have progressively gained more importance, especially with the recent farming updates. They are the chief component in the creation of Small and Large Planter Boxes as well as Small and Large Water Catchers.  For more information, check out our Farming Guide!

With regards to their recycle yield, tarps are a premier provider of cloth. With passive playstyles becoming more popular in the RUST community, tarps are quickly becoming a must-have for player-to-player trades on most servers.

Craftable items that require Tarp

Item Information
Short Nametarp
Item DescriptionA waterproof tarp.
Default Stacksize20

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