Tactical Gloves

The RUST Tactical Gloves are a hand-covering armor item that contributes protection to the torso portion of a player, in addition to providing a considerable reduction in weapon sway while ADSing (aiming down sights).

These are the premier choice for day-to-day operations for players spending considerable time in the arctic biome. They have comparable defensive statistics to the Roadsign Gloves, lacking only slightly in the melee and bite protections but making up considerable ground concerning cold and radiation protection.

Tactical gloves may only be purchased at the Outpost monument for 40 Scrap.

While there are no skins for the item, its neutral tone complements a variety of gear sets nicely.  Purchasing and recycling this item also yields a high number of Sewing Kit components, making them a reliable source for kit creation late into wipes.

Item Information
NameTactical Gloves
Short Nametactical.gloves
Item DescriptionMilitary issue tactical gloves provide protection as well as weapon stabilization leading to higher accuracy when used.
Default Stacksize1

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