Sulfur is a crafting component in RUST and is used to make ammunition, explosives, and fireworks.

When sulfur is combined with Charcoal at a tier 1 workbench or higher, Gun Powder is created. As simple as this sounds, it doesn’t fully explain why sulfur is the most sought-after resource that raiders hope to find, short of premade explosives in large quantities.

Sulfur itself is the refined, smelted version of Sulfur Ore mined from sulfur nodes. Crafting gunpowder becomes one of the more considerable time sinks they’ll experience as groups begin to make raiding supplies in mass quantities. 

With the implementation of the Mixing Table, players are now able to automate a considerable portion of this burden. Combining resources in this way also saves considerable amounts of charcoal that could better be used, making extra gunpowder later.

For those with the will and skill, the Industrial System can simplify the process further, freeing up players’ time by automating the process of moving cooked sulfur through the crafting system.

Sulfur enables players to reach late-stage gameplay–so sulfur collection is always a heated race. The more sulfur you have in your possession, the more other groups will want it. Regard sulfur in the same way you would your TC and protect it at all costs.

Craftable items that require Sulfur

Item Information
Short Namesulfur
Item DescriptionSulfur is commonly used in gunpowder, medicine, and matches. Matches release sulfur dioxide when they burn, giving them their smell. Sulfur is an essential component to living cells. Many proteins contain sulfur. It is also used as a pesticide on organic farms.
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