Sulfur Ore

Sulfur Ore is an unrefined, unsmelted crafting component used in RUST to make ammunition, explosives, and fireworks. It is spawnable through the F1 console and a necessary component almost from the minute players leave the beach.

Gun Powder is created when smelted in a Furnace, converted to Sulfur, and combined with Charcoal at a tier 1 workbench or higher. As simple as this sounds, it doesn’t fully explain why sulfur is the most sought-after resource that raiders hope to find, short of premade explosives in large quantities.

Sulfur is the refined, smelted version of sulfur ore mined from sulfur nodes. As players begin to make raiding supplies in mass quantities, crafting gun powder becomes one of the largest time-sinks that they’ll experience.  With the Mixing Table’s implementation, players can now automate a considerable portion of this burden. Combining resources in this way also saves considerable amounts of charcoal that could better be used, making extra gun powder later.

Regard sulfur and sulfur ore like you would your Tool Cupboard and protect it at all costs.

Item Information
NameSulfur Ore
Short Namesulfur.ore
Item DescriptionA rock containing sulfur. The sulfur can be extracted using a furnace.
Default Stacksize1000