Storage Adapter

The Storage Adaptor is a deployable industrial-integration porting device in RUST and spawnable via the F1 console under electrical components. This item is currently only available on the Aux2 staging branch and is not a part of the release version of the game.

Basic functionality of the Storage Adapter

Players may deploy storage adaptors onto most storage-related receptacles in locations where they possess building privilege. The primary function of the storage adaptor is to act as an ‘add-on’ porting system for assorted boxes, furnace types, and other storage entities.

Storage Adapter compatible items

A full list of currently attachable entities is as follows.

Storage Item# of storage ports
Drop Box1
Electric Furnace1
Large Furnace4
Large Wood Box4
Small Oil Refinery1
Tool Cupboard2
Vending Machine1
Wood Storage Box1

Electrical Inputs

At current, the use of a Wiring Tool and electrical input is not currently required to operate the storage adaptor. This is subject to change, pending alterations made by the developer.

Industrial Interfacing

When utilizing the Pipe Tool, after attaching the device to an appropriate storage unit, the storage adaptor possesses 1 Industrial In port and a single Industrial Out port. It is helpful to think of the In port as resources in and the Out port as resources out.

Means of acquiring a Storage Adapter

Currently, the Storage Adaptor is craftable via the Work Bench Level 1, requiring 75 scrap to research directly, or 190 scrap to tech tree unlock. It may also be found in medium to high tier crates.

For more information, check out our guide on the RUST Industrial System for a full overview.

Item Information
NameStorage Adaptor
Short Namestorageadaptor
Item DescriptionAttach to a storage container to allow industrial input/output connections.
Default Stacksize5
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level1
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x100