Spider Webs

Spider Webs are a decorative item in RUST available during every Halloween Event. They are only found as loot when dropped from scarecrow NPCs. Spider webs are a classic RUST Halloween decoration and are a great addition to any spooky base setup!

Players can deploy these webs on any building structure if they have building privileges. 

Aesthetically, they dangle down from the ceiling as a translucent, wispy, tattered curtain effect. They add a degree of ethereal presence to any building. They may be picked up once placed and do not obstruct movement or provide protection. This item is entirely cosmetic, much like Gravestones and Wooden Crosses.


Item Information
NameSpider Webs
Short Namespiderweb
Item DescriptionGiant Cobwebs which can be hung against both a ceiling and a wall.
Default Stacksize10