Space Suit

The Space Suit (Cobalt Space Suit in original concept art) is a skin available for the Hazmat Suit released during the Elevator Update in October of 2020.  Its original sale price is listed at $9.99 USD and is only available via the Steam Marketplace now that it has left the RUST store.

While possessing the exact same defensive statistics as the Hazmat suit, the overall aesthetic of this item makes it a very desirable skin for persons with an ambition for interplanetary travel.  You take on the appearance of a fully-clad space explorer.

Unlike the other Hazmat skin that came afterward, the Nomad Suit, this skin is not included in the spawnable F1 console menu, making it only available to those who own the Steam item skin.

Item Information
NameSpace Suit
Short Namehazmatsuit.spacesuit
Item DescriptionA spacesuit built for harsh conditions.
Default Stacksize1