Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!

Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! (work in progress) are currently only available to be spawned by RUST server administrators through the console and are not craftable in-game.

While Smoke Rockets can be shot from Rocket Launchers, they do very minor damage to players and structures and don’t seem to leave behind much in the way of smoke despite what their name would imply.

Certain modded RUST servers utilize this model for creating custom effects, but they are non-existent on Vanilla servers. They may be recycled for small amounts of Metal Fragments, Gun Powder, and Low Grade Fuel.

Weapons that use Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!

Item Information
NameSmoke Rocket WIP!!!!
Short Nameammo.rocket.smoke
Item DescriptionEmits thick, visibility blocking smoke upon impact.
Default Stacksize3

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