Small Stocking

The RUST Small Stocking, a player deployable event-exclusive device, is available to the RUST community every December with the Season’s Beatings! event. Its primary purpose is to auto-generate seasonal loot when the event triggers, allowing players to partake in the seasonal fare.

Players may deploy them on walls or other vertical flat surfaces that they have proper Tool Cupboard authorization on. Once deployed (while the Christmas event is live), players may notice that in sync with jingle bells going off and presents spawning around them that the small stocking has begun to shine. 

It may then be looted of its contents in anticipation of the following jingle when the pattern will repeat. Small stockings take 10% durability damage every time they are refilled in this way until they finally break on the 10th looting.

Players may combine six small stockings to create a SUPER Stocking.  

Small stockings are exclusively gotten from Medium Presents

Administrators may spawn them via F1 console at any time.

Item Information
NameSmall Stocking
Short Namestocking.small
Item DescriptionA small stocking. Hang it by a fire and you might just get a gift! Collect 6 to upgrade to a SUPER Stocking.
Default Stacksize5