Small Present

The Small Present is a seasonal loot item that players can gather during the Season’s Beatings! event every December. 

Correctly updated servers will begin a Christmas event each day-night cycle during the season. A soft jingling bell sound will play as the event kicks off, followed by three large present boxes spawning around each active player.

Players then go outside wherever they were standing at the time of the jingle and search for their presents. It requires a few hits with a melee or shots with a gun to cause the box to break, unloading several assorted small and medium presents onto the ground.

You can upgrade 10 of your small presents to a Medium Present. You may then upgrade five medium presents to a Large Present. These presents aren’t as impactful regarding loot as similar seasonal packages; they are mostly designed to be fun or decorative loot.


Item Information
NameSmall Present
Short Namexmas.present.small
Item DescriptionA small stocking stuffer present, Collect 10 to upgrade to a larger present.
Default Stacksize10

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