The Sled is a player-deployable and extremely fun way to make your way down a snow-covered hill in RUST. They are available in-game exclusively during the Season’s Beatings! event each year. Admins may spawn them via the F1 console at any time of the year.

Sleds are mountable ground vehicles that only work on snow. After they are placed and mounted (up to two players at once), gravity pulls them very quickly downhill. Players may attempt to steer the sled by looking right or left, but it’s mostly ineffective. Your only real control over the sled is to place it on the slope facing the direction you intend to go. Various hillside factors like bumps, rocks, cliffs, etc will cause the sled to change its trajectory a bit.

Players can pull out a weapon while on the sled. However, sled rides are not known for their smoothness, so aiming will be challenging, especially on bumpy terrain.

Players may receive a sled as loot by opening a Medium Present.

Item Information
Short Namesled
Item DescriptionA wooden sled to quickly travel down snowy hills.
Default Stacksize1