Sheet Metal

RUST Sheet Metal falls into the component category of items. These components are used in the creation of multi-tiered items, as well as recycle fodder for players to obtain game building and crafting resources as well as Scrap.

Sheet metal is lootable from an assortment of low-to-high tier crates and barrels, as well as being dropped by most scientist types. It is also purchasable from Outpost at a cost of 30 scrap each.

Sheet metal holds an interesting place in the component category, only usable in 4 blueprints. Fortunately, one of those blueprints is the otherwise expensive-to-purchase Wind Turbine.  Most solo and teams alike won’t outright craft the Heavy Plate set, so most sheet metal falls into the scrapable pile.

With regards to their recycling yield, they produce a very high amount of scrap, metal fragments, and high quality metal. Due to the exclusive nature of their use, they are more than likely going to be recycled in excess. Most RUST clans will keep a small amount on hand to replace destroyed electrical pieces as a result of raids or the attack heli, but scrapping them is almost always a safe bet.

Craftable items that require Sheet Metal

Item Information
NameSheet Metal
Short Namesheetmetal
Item DescriptionSheet metal scraps.
Default Stacksize20

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