Scrap is one of the most dynamic resource items in RUST. On the one hand, it is a crafting component used to make benches and certain crafting components. On the other hand, it acts as a universal currency that players can use to make purchases from Bandit Camp and the Outpost, exchange with each other, or “invest” to make more scrap.

When most players think of scrap, they think of its use for researching or unlocking item blueprints. Every blueprint that isn’t a default blueprint must be learned by spending scrap at a research table or tech tree. 

Depending on the server’s blueprint schedule, this may mean that players must acquire a great amount of scrap as quickly as possible to learn the needed blueprints to progress in the wipe before the blueprints wipe and the process begins again.

Sometimes, scrap can be used to purchase needed items directly from a merchant or another player. This is advantageous when the cost to purchase an item and then research it is much cheaper than the cost of unlocking it on the tech tree. 

Scrap is one of the most readily obtainable resources in the game. It drops from (almost) every barrel, box, crate, NPC – you name it. If you are having trouble getting the scrap you need, or need more tips for acquiring scrap at a higher rate, check out our guide on how to get scrap.

Regard scrap in the same way you would your TC and protect it at all costs.

Craftable items that require Scrap

Item Information
Short Namescrap
Item DescriptionScrap can be used in a Research table and Workbench to unlock and research items. Often used as a currency throughout the world.
Default Stacksize1000

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