Scientist Suit (Blue)

The Scientist Suit (Blue) is an F1 console exclusive first glimpsed at during a 2018 Update in which the current Hazmat Suit appearance was incorporated. While not available to players, it is on full display being donned by its namesake roadside and Military Tunnel scientists.

While sharing the exact same defensive statistics and recycle yield as a common hazmat suit, the appearance of this scientist suit is more of a base blue color than the player version. The scientists that use this item aren’t quite as fortified as their heavy scientist counterparts and use different weapons, making them formidable guardians of both roadside loot crates, as well as the locked crate event at the Oilrig Monuments.

Item Information
NameScientist Suit
Short Namehazmatsuit_scientist
Item DescriptionA hazmat suit made from radiation resistant rubber.
Default Stacksize1