Scientist Suit (Green)

The Scientist Suit (Green Peacekeeper) is an F1 console exclusive first glimpsed during a 2018 Update in which Facepunch incorporated the current Hazmat Suit appearance. While not available to players, it is on full display being donned by its namesake Green Peacekeeper Scientists at the Outpost monument.

While sharing the same defensive statistics and recycle yield as a standard hazmat suit, the appearance of this scientist suit is more of a base green color than the player version. The scientists who use this item are non-aggressive by nature unless the player is indicated as Hostile (red crosshair in the top right of your screen). At this point, if within visual range, the might of the Outpost scientist will begin targeting that player without prejudice.

These scientists are otherwise not able to interact with and have displayed fantastic moon-walking capacity in wipes. They put the ‘safe’ in Safezone.

Item Information
NameScientist Suit
Short Namehazmatsuit_scientist_peacekeeper
Item DescriptionA hazmat suit made from radiation resistant rubber.
Default Stacksize1

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