Salt Water

Salt Water is a plentiful resource located in all oceans surrounding the RUST landscape and is spawnable via the F1 console. Players may only ‘acquire’ this item by using a water-retaining receptacle while at a saltwater source. It can be gathered in things like Water Jugs and Small Water Bottles.

While salt water is deadly to players when drunk in large amounts and damaging in small, using a purification process via the Water Purifier or Powered Water Purifier will convert it to water suitable for drinking and farming. Throwing or pumping saltwater on crops will immediately kill them.

For more information regarding water differentiation and its role in the crop-growing system, check out our extensive Farming guide.

Item Information
NameSalt Water
Short Namewater.salt
Item DescriptionWater with a high salt content. Consuming will damage your health.
Default Stacksize2147483647
Consumable Properties