The Rocket is one of three ammunition types compatible with the Rocket Launcher. This projectile explosive holds the distinction amongst the three as the most prudent for conducting large-scale raids on player-made bases. This prevalence is so undisputed in RUST that base designs are often rated on the ‘rocket scale’, meaning the number required to fully raid the said base.

They are renowned for their capacity to destroy bases from a distance, inflicting substantial splash damage if properly shot at seams where walls connect. Their biggest raiding utility is their capacity for opening multiple levels of a base at a time. Base designs are often planned around how to mitigate their splash damage to increase the number of Explosives necessary to fully breach the base.

While they can be used defensively in a pinch, this action is almost taboo as the cost associated with crafting rockets is quite substantial compared to their HV or incendiary counterparts.

Rockets have considerable drop over short distances, making them less ideal for destroying elevated Auto Turrets than HV Rockets. They can be learned via the research table or by investing significant amounts of scrap into the tier 3 tech tree. Ultimately a rare high-tier item, they are found in locked Chinook, Oil Rig, and Helicopter crates. Obtaining them in the early game is quite possible, but it can be extremely difficult as their loot sources are highly contended areas of the game map.

Weapons that use Rocket

Item Information
Short Nameammo.rocket.basic
Item DescriptionAmmunition for a Rocket Launcher. A short to medium range self-propelled, unguided rocket which deals large splash damage on impact.
Default Stacksize3
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level3
Crafting Time10
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
icon of rust item explosivesExplosives x10
icon of rust item gunpowderGun Powder x150
RUST Metal PipeMetal Pipe x2

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