Retro Tool Cupboard

The Retro Tool Cupboard (TC) is a skin for the Tool Cupboard item in RUST and is available in RUST’s Permanent Store as of April 2024. Players who purchase this item from the store may apply the skin while crafting the tool cupboard or via a repair bench or spray can. The original purchase price is $9.99 USD. 

To distinguish this item from its default appearance, Tool Cupboard, a great many visual changes were made. The entire front facade of the tool cupboard was ripped open like a 1970s entertainment armoire. Stored within this cabinet is a series of screens displaying login screens or “unauthorized” messages if the user hasn’t authorized, and tool cupboard data if the user is authorized.

Starting from the top left, there is a small black and white television acting as a base for an even smaller TV and a 3 ½ inch floppy disk drive. The larger of these two televisions display the upkeep currently in the TC for the base attached to it. The smaller television displays the number of active deployables in the building privilege zone. Beside this is a larger television that gives a scrolling display of the daily upkeep requirements and images of the resources required.

Further down the cabinet, in the center section, is a blocked-off wooden area on the left, a two-shelf right area, stereo equipment on top, and a gaming console on the bottom. At the bottom is a glass-doored portion showing real-time resources stored within the tool cupboard.

Item Information
NameRetro Tool Cupboard
Short Namecupboard.tool.retro
Item DescriptionTransform your tool cupboard experience with this modified Hi-Fi cabinet. Complete with retro displays indicating vital base data as well as frosted glass doors allowing you to view its contents of tools and resources!
Default Stacksize1