Raw Human Meat

RUST Raw Human Meat is an ‘edible’ item obtained through mutilating a dead player carcass. This is the less palatable version of Cooked Human Meat and maybe ‘improved’ by applying fire (such as a Camp Fire or Barbeque) to it and heating it until done.

Overcooking will result in Burnt Human Meat being produced, which is much less beneficial (and appetizing… yuck.)

When consumed, raw human meat will restore 5 calories, take away 3 hydration and damage the player significantly, and promptly put you into therapy. The existence of this item in the game is par for the end-times course, but context aside, one does have to wonder why in a game with so many other options you’d consider this a good culinary choice.

For more information on how to get ‘actual’ food in RUST, check out our Food Guide!

Item Information
NameRaw Human Meat
Short Namehumanmeat.raw
Item DescriptionRaw human meat. Consuming will damage your health.
Default Stacksize20
Consumable Properties

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