Pumpkin Plant Clone

RUST Pumpkin Plant Clones are a plantable item acquired through the conventional method by Taking a Clone once a planted Pumpkin Seed or prior Pumpkin Plant Clone reaches the Fruiting Stage of growth.

The exact genetic description for Pumpkin Plant Clones is viewable from a player’s inventory screen by clicking on the clones, with a small tooltip display when hovering over it. F1-spawned clones will not have genetic descriptors listed. For more detailed tips on the genetics and functions of the food growing system, check out our Genetics and Farming Guides for more information.

For more information on how to get food in general, check out our Food Guide!

Item Information
NamePumpkin Plant Clone
Short Nameclone.pumpkin
Item DescriptionA Clipping of a pumpkin plant.
Default Stacksize50

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