Pumpkin Bucket

The Pumpkin Bucket is an item in RUST used for a speedier collection of candy during the Halloween Hunt event. The bucket can be found as loot in treat bags and works the same as the Egg Basket used in the Easter Hunt event.

The item looks and functions as a handheld trick-or-treat candy bucket, complete with an orange smiling pumpkin head. When wielded, it has two primary purposes: a faster Halloween event Candy collection and a ranged weapon similar to a very slow Snowball Gun, which instead uses said candies as projectiles. For players attempting to win the event, the pumpkin bucket is an essential tool to have, as it reduces the pickup time to zero and gives you a faster collection rate than players without one. 

Item Information
NamePumpkin Bucket
Short Namepumpkinbasket
Item DescriptionA pumpkin basket to help you collect candy much faster during Trick or Treat events with left click. Use right click to throw candy
Default Stacksize1