Pump Jack

The RUST Pump Jack is a full-sized Crude Oil and Low Grade Fuel generator that consumes Diesel Fuel to operate. They are not available to players in the game unless spawned by admins.

While natural placement locations exist throughout the map for pump jacks, namely at monuments like Trainyard and Water Treatment Plant monument, this item was created with the purpose of players placing their own in non-advertised map locations.

In conjunction with a Survey Charge, players were (and still technically are) able to throw down the survey charge in random locations to receive a geological survey readout.  

  • If the charge detonates and produces fuel and a crater, then that location is suitable for a pump jack to retrieve fuel.
  • If nothing reports, then players will need to use another survey charge elsewhere until an appropriate readout is achieved. Once placed, these items cannot be picked up.

The Pump Jack is relatively straightforward, similar to the natural Pump Jack functions. Blue fuel barrels allow players to store the fuel for consumption, a switch that begins the apparatus, and a deposit barrel that allows players to acquire the crude oil and low grade fuel gathered. The gather rate on natural and placed pump jacks is a static 60 crude oil and 170 low grade fuel output per 1 diesel fuel consumed.

Item Information
NamePump Jack
Short Namemining.pumpjack
Item DescriptionExtracts oil from the ground. Use a Survey Charge to determine the amount of oil available for extraction in any given area.
Default Stacksize1