Prototype 17

The Prototype 17 (P17) is a pistol gun found in RUST. It is a low-ranged weapon that utilizes pistol ammunition such as HV Pistol AmmoIncendiary Pistol Bullets, and Pistol Bullets. The P17 will more than likely become commonly associated with disposable armor kits, used in conjunction with a Hazmat Suit in Lockers near the exits of applicable bases.

Introduced with the November 2022 Prototype 17 Update, the weapon boasts decent versatility, potentially becoming commonplace for PVE situations like the Oil Rig and other monuments, as well as limited-range PVP. Unlike similar pistol-type weapons such as the Custom SMG, the P17 utilizes a new triple-burst fire system that is unique to itself or weapons equipped with the Burst Module weapon attachment. 

The P17 has a slightly smaller magazine size than the comparable M92 Pistol, with a default clip volume of 18, expanding to 24 with the Extended Magazine attachment. As previously stated, the rate of fire is really its own animal, by default firing in small bursts of 3 bullets and in rapid succession if done correctly. With a damage output of 40, slightly higher than the always popular Thompson, the P17 is exceptionally deadly at close range.

The Prototype 17 can only be acquired through looting Patrol Helicopter crates, Bradley crates, elite crates and Air Drops.

In addition, this weapon is a prime choice for setting up Auto Turret defense systems, firing without the three-bullet pattern restriction when used in this way.

Ammo used by the Prototype 17

Item Information
NamePrototype 17
Short Namepistol.prototype17
Item DescriptionA burst fire prototype pistol
Default Stacksize1