The Pinata is a celebratory fun item available to players for a very limited time in RUST. This loot-bearing item was added to the game in December of 2023 as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of RUST as a standalone PC game.

How to play with the Pinata

Players with adequate building privilege can hang this item from any roof structure and beat the stuffing out of its 200 health points with any means they choose. Upon reaching 0 health, the Pinata will deposit its contents onto the ground beneath where it hung. Possible loot combination drops are as follows.

Pinata loot


The Pinata may be crafted from 500 pieces of wood and recycled for 250 Wood. As you beat it into submission, it will get gradually smaller and fall away until nothing is left.

How to get a Pinata

Players can craft this festive loot-llama at a Tier 1 Workbench.


Item Information
Short Namepinata
Item DescriptionBatter up!
Default Stacksize5