RUST Pickles are an edible item acquired from food crates and ration boxes found around the map and in monuments. Players may also purchase them at a rate of 6 pickles per Scrap at the Bandit Camp monument.

When consumed, the pickles have the potential to restore 50 calories and 20 hydration, as well as heal the player a very small amount but they have just as likely of a chance of inducing vomiting and removing calories and hydration from the player. They have become a go-to source for horse feeding for those in the farming community, being the biggest caloric bang for your scrap buck.

For more information on how to get food in RUST, check out our Food Guide!

Item Information
Short Namejar.pickle
Item DescriptionCucumbers in a vinegar bath, jarred by an amateur. Eat at your own risk.
Default Stacksize10
Consumable Properties