The Parachute is a unique safety item deployed by players when equipped in the backpack slot and in the air from heights of at least 15m above the ground. When used, it will slow the player’s fall through the air, allowing them to safely guide and control their descent to a desired location.

Parachutes were added to RUST in September of 2023 as part of the Aerial Update and are the first item to be introduced to the backpack slot.

Players can acquire Parachutes by looting them from Locked Crates. Players can learn the blueprint in the Tech Tree for 325 Scrap and then will have the ability to craft them at Tier 2 Workbenches. Alternatively, they can be learned for 125 Scrap inside a Research Table.

After a Parachute is deployed and the player lands, it will be ejected from the inventory and found near the landing location or floating in water. The player can then pick the Parachute back up, which has a slow timer of approximately 8 seconds, which is required to “re-pack” the Parachute into the player’s inventory.

How to use the Parachute

Modeled after real-world equivalents, Parachutes have a few requirements players should understand before attempting to use them.

  1. Players cannot equip the Parachute while free-falling.
  2. The Parachute must be equipped in the player’s backpack slot.
  3. Players must deploy the Parachute from heights over 15m.
  4. Players cannot be wearing Arctic Scientist Suit, Gingerbread Suit, Heavy Scientist Suit, NVGM Scientist Suit, Scientist Suit (Green or Blue)

As noted, the Parachute must be equipped before attempting to use it. Players can equip them on the ground, in the water, in vehicles, when mounted in a helicopter, and when standing in a Scrap Transport Helicopter.

Once a player has met the above conditions and jumps from an appropriate height of over 15 meters, the Parachute can be deployed by pressing the Spacebar once. There is a small buffer grace period during device deployment where an extra tap might not disengage the chute. Still, after roughly 2 seconds, another Spacebar tap will lead to the player falling to their death.

Players are then hit with a knee-jerk reactionary camera shift that will briefly disorient them before straightening up and beginning their descent. This disorienting period constitutes the aforementioned 2-second grace period.

The Parachute in RUST can be controlled with the following keys:

  • Press the Spacebar one time to deploy the chute
  • Press the Spacebar a second time to disengage the parachute and dead drop
  • Hold W to lean forward and accelerate
  • Hold S to descend and slow your rate of motion
  • Mouse movement controls the camera angle only
  • Hold D to pitch towards the right
  • Hold A to pitch towards the left

While actively descending, players may utilize weapons without restriction while under the floating effect of a parachute, but while doing so, cannot control any of the above functions.

Repair and re-use

After the player lands safely on the ground or the Parachute has been disengaged, it will fall directly in front of the player and land on the ground, resembling a player loot bag with a tarp-blowing tether on top. Players must ‘pick up’ the parachute, with a slow timer of roughly 8 seconds required to ‘repack’ it back into their inventory.

Once players have learned the Parachute blueprint, they can choose to repair Parachutes inside Repair Benches using Cloth. The amount of Cloth needed will increase based on the damage the deployed Parachute has taken. Each time it’s used, the item’s health decreases by approximately 20%, so each Parachute has 5 uses unless repaired.

Additional damage may be done to the Parachute while the player descends due to gunfire or other projectiles, which may destroy the tool, causing the player to dead drop.


The Parachute has 100 Hit Points; all calculations below were done with that top-end number in mind. All values represented are done with their applicable weapon type: the Hunting Bow, LR-300, Pump Shotgun, and the MP5A4. Repairs may be done at a repair bench for a small amount of Cloth.

Damage seems all over the board, with the placement of the ammunition being very hit-or-miss. Some rounds pass through the canopy, while others impact with seemingly no rationality beyond player latency. Some rounds result in invalid projectile errors or issues that do not register as impacts.

Ammunition / ToolDamage Done PerTotal Required to Destroy
Incendiary Pistol Ammo7.5~13
HV Pistol Ammo5.5~18
Pistol Ammo5.5~18
5.56 Rifle Ammo6.5~16
Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo11~10
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo8.5~12
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo6.5~16
Handmade Shell12-32~4-9
12 Gauge Buckshot16-32~4-7
12 Gauge Slug12-32~4-9
12 Gauge Incendiary Shell12-32~4-9
HV Rocket522
Incendiary Rocket129
40MM HE Grenade622
40MM Shotgun403
SAM Site12.58
Wooden Arrow982
HV Arrow802
Fire Arrow892
Bone Arrow792

Server Admin Convar

By default, the backpack cannot be equipped while in the air. Server admins can choose to modify this setting using the convar below.

server.canequipbackpacksinairAllows backpack equipping while not grounded (False)
Do SAM Sites target players using a Parachute?

Yes. Both monument and player-crafted SAM Sites will continue to fire at the Parachute until it is destroyed or the player disengages it.

Do Homing Missiles lock onto Parachutes?

No. Homing Missiles do not lock onto Parachutes in RUST.

Do undeployed Parachutes take damage if the player takes damage?

No. Parachutes do not take damage unless they are actively engaged in the air and are directly hit. Hitting the player does not damage the Parachute.

What happens if I hit a tree or land in the ocean?

Depending on whether you hit a solid tree texture or non-tactile foliage, you will either immediately dismount the parachute and fall or pass through the branches. You have to hit a choppable trunk portion to be dismounted. Once a player enters a body of water, the parachute disengages.

Are RUST Parachutes stackable?

No. Parachutes do not stack.

Can you use Parachutes to jump safely through a Cave’s bucket drop?

Yes. It’s approximately 18m, just enough to deploy the Parachute.

Do Parachutes count towards the 2-piece maximum clothing equipment requirement for the Patrol Helicopter not to attack a player?

The Parachute does NOT count towards the clothing maximum regarding the Patrol Helicopter and its targeting mechanics.

Item Information
Short Nameparachute
Item DescriptionOnce equipped, press [+jump] while in mid-air to pull the cord. Must be repacked after use. Must be at least 15m above the ground in order to deploy.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level2
Crafting Time15
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
icon of rust item clothCloth x50
RUST Sewing KitSewing Kit x2
RUST TarpTarp x2