Orange Roughy

The RUST Orange Roughy is one of many types of fish that can be caught via the fishing system in RUST and can be consumed for health. Facepunch added fishing as an in-game activity during the Going Deep patch in August of 2021.

Players may eat any fish (if gutted) caught via the Handmade Fishing Rod or Survival Fish Trap, as well as get credit towards the Go Fish mission given out by the Fisherman at any Fishing Village.

In addition to the fishing quest, new fish types are useful in farming when deposited into a Composter or can be gutted directly for raw resources (an excellent source of Low Grade Fuel).  Some fish can be turned in directly at Fishing Villages for Scrap while others are better used when fishing to achieve a higher Bait Rating.

Orange Roughy can be caught only in Underwater Labs with no minimum water depth and require a bait level of 5 – 10 to catch.

For more information on fishing, be sure to check out our Fishing Guide!

Item Information
NameOrange Roughy
Short Namefish.orangeroughy
Item DescriptionA rare fish found in the depths of the ocean. Eats everything, so you never know what you'll find in it's stomach.
Default Stacksize5

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