NVGM Scientist Suit

The NVGM Scientist Suit is a full-body armor piece first presented with the R.U.S.T. update. While not available to players, it is on full display being donned by Scientists in the Nuclear Missile Silo monument.

While sharing the exact same defensive statistics and recycle yield as a common Hazmat Suit, the appearance of this suit is a dark black color with a built-in Night Vision facemask and gold wrist trimming and occupies slots in the same way that a standard hazmat does. The scientists that use this item are highly aggressive by nature to players. Despite the name and NVG appearance, this item does not allow players to see in the dark.

Item Information
NameNVGM Scientist Suit
Short Namehazmatsuit_scientist_nvgm
Item DescriptionA hazmat suit made from radiation resistant rubber.
Default Stacksize1