Multiple Grenade Launcher

The RUST Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) is a firing mechanism for the 40mm round types and is a highly effective counter-raid tool. It was introduced to RUST in the QoL Devblog in April of 2019.

The intention of the weapon depends entirely on the loaded ammunition.

The MGL itself possesses a maximum of 6 round capacity and fires much like a smaller semi-automatic Rocket Launcher. It is the potential recipient of weapon attachments and shines in the form of a PVP powerhouse.

The MGL was also later ‘cloned’ in a sense as the model basis for the seasonal Snowball Gun, later recolored and given its own ammunition type. The MGL can be acquired through the killing and looting of Heavy Scientists on either Large or Small Oil Rig monuments.

The MGL accepts the following ammunition types with applicable short descriptions:

  • 40mm Shotgun Round – Least commonly used ammunition type, used as you would a basic shotgun.
  • 40mm HE Grenade – Favorite ammunition type, used for very effective mid-ranged PVP and raiding and base defense.
  • 40mm Smoke Grenade – Functions as a standard Smoke Grenade, only with exceptionally improved range and aim.

Ammo used by the Multiple Grenade Launcher

Item Information
NameMultiple Grenade Launcher
Short Namemultiplegrenadelauncher
Item DescriptionA 40MM six barrel, semi automatic grenade launcher
Default Stacksize1

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