MLRS Rocket

The MLRS Rocket (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is a unique rocket type introduced to RUST in the MLRS & Desert Base Update on the 4th of November 2021.

This rocket doesn’t perform like any other item of the rocket category in that it doesn’t require a rocket launcher to fire.  The launching mechanism is located at the Abandoned Military Base located in the desert biome of appropriately sized procedural maps.

MLRS rockets are a ranged ballistic system used in conjunction with a MLRS Aiming Module at the Multiple Launch Rocket System.

When inserted into the back of the said system and properly targeted, they can be ordered to launch at any given point on the map (indicated by the aiming module process) to inflict devastating raid-style damage to any entity within the targeting circle.

You may insert one to twelve rockets into the system and fire when ready.  There is a 10-minute cooldown window before the system can be reloaded and fired again.

When aiming MLRS rockets, a red and a white circle will appear on your targeting screen.  The red crosshair circle indicates the desired target location, while the white crosshair circle indicates the area in which the rockets will impact. 

The rockets impact without prejudice and will damage the enemy, friendly entities, and players.  Upon firing the inserted payload and the vehicle becoming disabled, the rockets inserted will be used, and the aiming module will be destroyed.  You will require a new aiming module for all further barrages.

MLRS rockets can only be obtained from Bradley APC, Patrol Helicopter, and elite-tier crates located at high-tier monuments.  They can be recycled for a very small amount of Gun Powder and Metal Pipes.

Once fired, MLRS rockets cannot be stopped from impacting the target destination unless there are SAM Turrets present at the site.  It takes roughly 3 individual SAM sites with sufficient ammo to successfully shoot down a full 12 MLRS rocket barrage.  While the damage pattern is random, it will not leave the confines of the targeting circle.

MLRS Rockets cannot target monuments or safe zone areas.

Item Information
NameMLRS Rocket
Short Nameammo.rocket.mlrs
Item DescriptionA rocket intended for use in an MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System).
Default Stacksize6