The RUST Minigun is a high-damage, highly accurate mid-to-long-range belt-fed light machine gun that will reap chaos in any combat in RUST.

Players can acquire a minigun by finding one as loot in locked crates at roughly a 3% drop rate or as a drop from Heavy Scientists. It is not a craftable item or researchable. It comes equipped with 75 5.56 Rifle Ammo and can be reloaded while standing at a workbench level 2 or 3 using an on-inventory window reload button mechanic. The ammo reload time is instantaneous, but the player is still quite limited, given the workbench requirement.

Weapon attachments cannot be added to the Minigun. You cannot Aim Down Sights when using this weapon, relying instead on the default center reticle that appears when any gun is equipped.  

The damage output per bullet is lower than the M249 and the HMLMG, but the amount of rounds expended in a burst more than compensates for this reduction. The rate of fire is 20% higher than the M249, making this an absolute winner in almost every gunfight. Its recoil rate is far lower than most comparable guns, making its fire rate manageable even without a sight. While equipped, this item will display a huge backpack on your player model.

To fire, players must hold down the Right Mouse Button to cause the whirl-up effect. At this point, the whirling will occur, but firing won’t. You may then aim, and when prepared to fire, press and hold down the Left Mouse Button.

This weapon can also be used in Auto Turrets but will only fire regular 5.56 ammo. 


Item Information
Short Nameminigun
Item DescriptionA military issue belt-fed machine gun with that must be spun up to fire. Fires rapidly once spun up at the expense of movement speed.
Default Stacksize1