Military Flame Thrower

The Military Flame Thrower is a world-drop raiding tool in RUST.  This weapon utilizes low-grade fuel as ammunition to emit a frontal cone of indiscriminate flame that will consume anything in its path. Unlike its predecessor, the standard Flame Thrower, this military-grade version can launch flames nearly twice the distance while committing twice the fuel down range. It also has a much more menacing growl when discharging.

Players can get their own Military-grade flame thrower as a drop by taking out Heavy Scientists. The drop rate is reported at around 10%.

The military flame thrower’s world model has a built-in fuel gauge, allowing players to see just how much fuel they’re using in real-time. This weapon is good up to around 15 meters away, which is almost twice that of the original flame thrower. When spawned, it starts with 75 loaded fuel but may be reloaded for a maximum capacity of 150.

Flame throwers are renowned for their capacity to destroy base traps such as auto turrets and shotgun traps when the angle presents itself. Their biggest raiding utility apart from traps is their capacity to destroy groups of large solar panels, effectively disabling electrical systems on bases that haven’t upgraded to Wind Turbines.

In addition to being used offensively, they are excellent base defense weapons for temporarily stopping advances into a breach with large areas of fire. Users should be cautioned that the nature of flames in the game is quite random and can spread to a sizable area quickly.

Item Information
NameMilitary Flame Thrower
Short Namemilitary flamethrower
Item DescriptionA Military grade flamethrower. Uses low grade fuel as ammunition.
Default Stacksize1