Metal Fragments

Metal Fragments are a crucial building and crafting item in Rust, acquired through many in-game means. They are considered a core resource due to player reliance on using them for endgame progression and base security.

The primary purpose of metal fragments is their utility for providing the second-highest protection structures available to be built in the game. It takes roughly twice the amount of explosives to blow through a metal wall as a stone wall. It is also a primary component in the early game best doors, the Sheet Metal Double Door, Single Door, and Garage Doors.

Alternatively, metal fragments are absolutely essential for anyone wanting to craft weapons instead of scavenging or PVPing for them. Everything from the popular low-tier Revolver to the must-have middle-tier Semi-Automatic Rifle requires substantial amounts of metal fragments to craft. 

Couple this weapon dependency with metal frags being a primary component in the creation of Medical Syringes, too, and it’s no wonder they’re a mainstay in bases of all stages of progression.

One of the more overlooked aspects of metal fragments is how much is required to make ammunition. Pistol and 5.56 rounds of all types rely heavily on metal fragments to craft.

How do teams supplement all of these needs when there is such high demand? In addition to farming and smelting it from Metal Ore gathered through mining metal nodes in the wild, it can also be acquired by mining the defeated remains of the Patrol Helicopter and Bradley APC or Scrap Transport Helicopters.  

The most lucrative way to acquire metal fragments is through recycling components farmed through barrels and crates. If you find yourself with a surplus, it is worth mentioning that Bandit Camp will buy it at a rate of 1 Scrap per 20 metal. Outpost also sells them for 250 metal fragments per 25 scrap.

Craftable items that require Metal Fragments


Strobe Light


High Velocity Arrow

Nailgun Nails

Pistol Bullet

Incendiary Pistol Bullet

HV Pistol Ammo

5.56 Rifle Ammo

Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo

Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo

HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo

12 Gauge Buckshot

12 Gauge Incendiary Shell

12 Gauge Slug

Speargun Spear

Sheet Metal Double Door

Sheet Metal Door

Floor grill

Ladder Hatch

Floor triangle grill

Triangle Ladder Hatch

Prison Cell Gate

Prison Cell Wall

Chainlink Fence Gate

Chainlink Fence

Garage Door

Metal Shop Front

Metal Window Bars

Metal horizontal embrasure

Metal Vertical embrasure

Strengthened Glass Window

Bucket Helmet

Clatter Helmet

Coffee Can Helmet

Miners Hat

Riot Helmet


Low Quality Carburetor

Medium Quality Carburetor

High Quality Carburetor

Low Quality Crankshaft

Medium Quality Crankshaft

High Quality Crankshaft

Low Quality Pistons

Medium Quality Pistons

High Quality Pistons

Low Quality Spark Plugs

Medium Quality Spark Plugs

High Quality Spark Plugs

Low Quality Valves

Medium Quality Valves

High Quality Valves


Metal Blade

Empty Propane Tank

Metal Barricade

Barbed Wooden Barricade


Snap Trap


Ceiling Light



Drop Box


Blue Boomer

Champagne Boomer

Green Boomer

Orange Boomer

Pattern Boomer

Red Boomer

Violet Boomer

Blue Roman Candle

Green Roman Candle

Red Roman Candle

Violet Roman Candle

White Volcano Firework

Red Volcano Firework

Violet Volcano Firework


Hot Air Balloon Armor

Homemade Landmine


Large Wood Box


Mail Box

Mixing Table

Modular Car Lift

Small Oil Refinery

Audio Alarm



HBHF Sensor

Laser Detector

Door Controller

Electric Furnace

Electric Heater

Fluid Combiner

Fluid Splitter

Fluid Switch & Pump

AND Switch


Electrical Branch

Root Combiner

Memory Cell

OR Switch

RAND Switch

RF Broadcaster

RF Receiver

XOR Switch


Storage Adaptor

Industrial Combiner

Industrial Conveyor

Industrial Splitter

Flasher Light

Siren Light

Powered Water Purifier





Water Pump


Reactive Target

Repair Bench

Research Table

Search Light

Secret Lab Chair

Salvaged Shelves

Large Banner Hanging

Two Sided Hanging Sign

Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign

Large Banner on pole

Two Sided Town Sign Post

Shotgun Trap

Spinning wheel

Workbench Level 1

Workbench Level 2

Workbench Level 3

Large Water Catcher

Small Water Catcher

Water Purifier

Horizontal Weapon Rack

Frontier Bolts Single Item Rack

Frontier Horseshoe Single Item Rack

Weapon Rack Stand

Tall Weapon Rack

Wide Weapon Rack

Hazmat Youtooz

Heavy Scientist Youtooz

Shovel Bass


Junkyard Drum Kit

Pan Flute

Jerry Can Guitar

Wheelbarrow Piano


Plumber's Trumpet


Code Lock

Dragon Door Knocker

New Year Gong

Bath Tub Planter

Minecart Planter

Skinning Knife

Storage Barrel Vertical

Storage Barrel Horizontal

Torch Holder

Graveyard Fence

Skull Door Knocker

Spooky Speaker

Skull Trophy

Green Industrial Wall Light

Industrial Wall Light

Red Industrial Wall Light

Above Ground Pool

Beach Chair

Beach Parasol

Boogie Board

Inner Tube

Instant Camera


Water Gun

Water Pistol

Twitch Rivals Trophy

Twitch Rivals Trophy 2023

Purple Sunglasses

Christmas Lights

Small Neon Sign

Medium Animated Neon Sign

Medium Neon Sign

Large Animated Neon Sign

Large Neon Sign

Deluxe Christmas Lights

Snow Machine


Flame Turret



RF Transmitter



Medical Syringe

Metal Detector

RF Pager

Smoke Grenade

Spray Can

Survey Charge

Cockpit Vehicle Module

Armored Cockpit Vehicle Module

Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module

Engine Vehicle Module

Flatbed Vehicle Module

Armored Passenger Vehicle Module

Rear Seats Vehicle Module

Storage Vehicle Module

Taxi Vehicle Module

Camper Vehicle Module

Large Flatbed Vehicle Module

Fuel Tank Vehicle Module

Passenger Vehicle Module

Boom Box

Portable Boom Box

Cassette - Long

Cassette - Medium

Cassette - Short

Cassette Recorder

Disco Ball

Disco Floor

Connected Speaker

Laser Light


Microphone Stand

Mobile Phone

Sound Light


Beancan Grenade

Salvaged Cleaver

Compound Bow


Double Barrel Shotgun

Eoka Pistol

F1 Grenade



Combat Knife






Waterpipe Shotgun


Salvaged Hammer

Semi-Automatic Rifle



Salvaged Sword

Garry's Mod Tool Gun

Water Bucket

Basic Horse Shoes

Item Information
NameMetal Fragments
Short Namemetal.fragments
Item DescriptionMetal Fragments. Smelted from Metal Ore, used in lots of different crafting recipes.
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