Metal Facemask

The RUST Metal Facemask is a full head covering with its current design iteration dating back to July 2015. It is the premier ‘kit’ head covering and isn’t normally substituted for an alternative, even in the arctic biome.

The metal facemask operates much in the same way that Improvised Balaclavas and Coffee Can Helmets do. Due to the nature of sniper fire, the projectile damage reduction provided by the mask makes it a must-have armor piece for those seeking PVP. While the heavy plate sets do grant higher projectile protection bonuses, the speed reduction and limited visibility scope make them more suited to base defense.

RUST Metal facemasks are found in high-tier loot crates as well as drops from heavy oil rig scientists. It can be researched at a research table, or through significant scrap investment at a tier 3 workbench.

The metal facemask may be recycled for a marginal amount of Leather, High Quality Metal, and several Sewing Kits and is a prominent item for skinning.

RUST Metal Facemask Skins

Item Information
NameMetal Facemask
Short Namemetal.facemask
Item DescriptionA protective facemask which provides the user with excellent head protection from all forms of attacks.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level3
Crafting Time45
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
image of rust high quality metalHigh Quality Metal x15
RUST Sewing KitSewing Kit x6
RUST Leather ItemLeather x50