M92 Pistol

The RUST M92 Pistol (M92) is a low-to-mid ranged, medium rate of fire gun in RUST. Players commonly use the M92 as a backup sidearm accompanying a rifle for close-quarter situations.

The weapon has decent versatility in use, being commonplace for both PVE situations like Oil Rig and other monuments and limited range PVP. It has a considerably better single-tap range over the Custom SMG and is a favorite due to its ease of acquisition.

The M92 has a much smaller magazine size over the comparable custom SMG, having roughly 40% less ammo per clip. The rate of fire is also slightly less, but the recoil is more manageable. The aimcone is a point of concern, with the M92 being absolute garbage after a certain point (roughly 40 meters).

M92s can be acquired from military or locked crate types and drops from most scientists. They may be purchased from Bandit Camp for 250 Scrap and remain one of the military-style guns that aren’t craftable.

The M92 accepts the following bullet types:  HV Pistol AmmoIncendiary Pistol BulletPistol Bullet.

The M92 is less than ideal for Auto Turret defense systems but remains compatible.

Ammo used by the M92 Pistol

Item Information
NameM92 Pistol
Short Namepistol.m92
Item DescriptionA semi-automatic Pistol. Fires rapidly and with good accuracy. Military Grade
Default Stacksize1

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