Lumberjack Hoodie

The Lumberjack Hoodie, not to be confused with its identically named twin Hoodie Skin, is a RUST mission reward added with the Missions & QOL Update in October 2021. Check out our Lumberjack Missions guide for more details on that.

The RUST lumberjack hoodie is one of the final awards given for completing said mission on time, and not available any other way except through administrative spawning via the F1 console. This portion of the quest titled Wildlife Culling involves the culling… of wildlife.

While not directly craftable or skinnable, the lumberjack hoodie does come with its own unique pattern when compared to the regular Hoodie and shares the exact same statistical defenses and benefits one would expect from this item type. Players may recycle this item for a marginal amount of Cloth and the chance for a Sewing Kit but will be unable to acquire the item again unless the quest becomes available.

Item Information
NameLumberjack Hoodie
Short Namelumberjack hoodie
Item DescriptionA Lumberjack Hoodie
Default Stacksize1