LR-300 Assault Rifle

The LR-300 Assault Rifle (LR) is a mid-high damage, highly accurate low-to-mid-range rifle often found at the center of controversy in RUST. Using this weapon angers a great deal of the Rust population that insists it requires ‘no skill’, instead preferring the Assault Rifle. Use what you’re good at. 

Whether using the iron sights or pairing it with the 8x Zoom Scope, the LR boasts considerable versatility compared to other similar guns. The recoil pattern is relatively straightforward, and the weapon has a surprising range making the 8x zoom scope an asset for adaptability.

The use of a silencer, while helpful in some scenarios, cuts the damage done down considerably and isn’t advisable unless you’re attempting to be stealthy in action. With a 30-bullet magazine, the LR is a handy tool to have in any fight.

The LR is one of the military-grade weapons that cannot be crafted and tends to perform better than its craftable counterpart. Players may purchase it directly from Bandit Camp at the cost of 500 Scrap, or they may be found in elite crates or as drops from Bradley APC and the Patrol Helicopter.

The LR accepts the following bullet types: 5.56 Rifle Ammo, Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo, Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo, and HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo.

While effective, LRs are not a good option for Auto Turret defense systems. Other players will be attracted like moths to a flame for an opportunity to shoot out the turret for a free, otherwise expensive weapon.


Ammo used by the LR-300 Assault Rifle

Item Information
NameLR-300 Assault Rifle
Short Namerifle.lr300
Item DescriptionStalk your enemies with this high powered light assault rifle.
Default Stacksize1

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