Low Grade Fuel

Low Grade Fuel (LFG), is a critical resource in RUST used as fuel by vehicles, for powering electrical generators, trap devices, and tools, and as a component for crafting recipes for a variety of items. LGF is one of the most important early game resources and is used in the creation of some of the most vital entities that players can own.

For RUST admins, it is spawnable through the F1 console under the Items > Resources tab.

Basic function

As mentioned, LGF is primarily a crafting or functional component rather than having its own standalone purpose. It is used in the creation of items, ranging from Medical Syringes and Furnaces to one of the more common items used in the propagation of itself – the Small Oil Refinery.

In addition to its crafting functionality, it also serves as the primary fuel source for every vehicle type on the map. The only mechanism that it doesn’t directly run is the Giant Excavator, though it can be traded for the fuel that does. It is also used in both the very popular Chainsaw and Flame Thrower.

Means of acquisition

LGF is one of those resources that are all around us in the game, but never around when we need it. The most popular early game methods for acquisition are killing animals and harvesting their fat for transformation (with cloth) into fuel, or roadside red barrels. Crafting LGF is a default blueprint that everyone knows how to make as soon as they awake on the beach. You may also use the Mixing Table to facilitate this process.

Dome is a hotspot for acquiring a great deal of early-game LGF and has several small oil refineries on site for further refining Crude Oil acquired into more fuel. For more remote acquisition, ocean floating loot spawns are also quite heavy with the barrels.

In addition to being derived from the refining of crude, LGF can also be directly procured from Pumpjacks at Trainyard, Water Treatment, and Power Plant. This can be achieved by depositing Diesel Fuel into said pumpjack and initiating the engine. Read more about this in our Quarry Guide.

With the addition of the Coaling Tower event at the Trainyard, yet another method of LGF acquisition was added, this time coming as one large lump sum as the result of using the above-ground rail network to ferry fuel cars to the pump station. Be sure to read up on the linked guide for more information on that. It’s quite lucrative for more than just fuel gains.

Finally, low grade fuel may be purchased directly from the Outpost monument at a rate of 20 LGF per 10 Scrap. As stated above, you may also use it to purchase diesel fuel directly, at a rate of 300 LGF per 1 diesel. We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention the most lucrative endgame method – recycling Incendiary Rockets that are acquired as a byproduct of destroying the Bradley APC at the Launch Site monument.

Craftable items that require Low Grade Fuel

Item Information
NameLow Grade Fuel
Short Namelowgradefuel
Item DescriptionLow Grade Fuel, used to power light sources.
Default Stacksize500
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level0
Crafting Time5
Crafting Yield4
Crafting Ingredients
RUST Animal FatAnimal Fat x3
icon of rust item clothCloth x1

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