Light Frankenstein Head

The Light Frankenstein Head was first introduced to the RUST community during the Halloween 2021 Event. It is one of many component materials added to allow players to create their own ‘in-game pet’ sentry Frankenstein. Players participating during the event had the opportunity to kill scarecrows and mummies wandering the various biomes of the map for a chance at having one of three types of body parts, separated into Heavy, Medium, and Light, in the hopes of collecting and assembling a complete monster.

To assemble the full Light Frankenstein, players would need to gather the aforementioned Light Frankenstein Head, the Light Frankenstein Legs, and the Light Frankenstein Torso to create the light tier. Once collected, players need to craft a Frankenstein Table at a tier 1 workbench (default blueprint available during the event) and insert the applicable body parts required to construct their own Pet Frank.

Once constructed, players can then use the table to toggle the beast to Awake or Sleep status, and your new pet monster can be disassembled or reassembled at your leisure. You may construct only one monster per player at a time, so, unfortunately, you will have to delay your ambitions of having your army of the undead a bit longer.

While assembled and awake, players may select several different commands, including having the monster follow you around the world as well as move to and attack entities or players as you see fit.

Item Information
NameLight Frankenstein Head
Item DescriptionSlightly faster, slightly weaker. Combined at a Frankenstein Table to create your very own monster.
Default Stacksize1

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