Legacy Bow

The Legacy Bow is a short to medium-range weapon with a unique cosmetic appearance that players can purchase from the Rust Item Store as a paid DLC. Its stats and mechanics are identical to the Hunting Bow. Initially introduced in the legacy version of RUST, it was re-added to the game in the 10th Anniversary Update in December 2023.

While the Legacy Bow has no advantages over other bows, players who practice and develop their bow skills more frequently shine in early-game wipes and gain the upper hand in most wipe-day skirmishes.

Unlike their counterparts, such as the Crossbow and Compound Bow, they can be easily and quickly crafted with resource nodes that spawn in starting areas. For players who purchase the Legacy Bow, it will appear as a default blueprint and does not require a workbench to craft. In addition to this, they are compatible with all types of arrows in RUST.

Item Information
NameLegacy bow
Short Namelegacy bow
Item DescriptionLegacy Bow, useful for short to medium range combat and hunting.
Default Stacksize1